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Pan American mines the metals we use in our everyday life, from smartphones to powering electricity.



Silver serves both investment and industrial purposes. With the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals, silver is used in photovoltaics (solar panels), electronic devices and 5G communication networks.

Silver (Spot) $31.97 USD



Gold has been used as an investment for thousands of years. It is also used in jewelry, electronics, hi-tech health innovations, and aerospace.

Gold (Spot) $2,337.17 USD



Copper is a primary component in electrical wiring, circuit boards, plumbing hardware, homeware, instruments, and electric cars.

CWLON $10,330.50 USD



Lead is a primary component in car batteries, roofing, radiation shielding, bullets, ceramics, and soldering.

LLLONB $2,282.75 USD



Zinc is a primary component in rust prevention, soap, plastics, metal alloys, sunscreen, rubber, and ink.

ZSLON $3,054.00 USD

Silver: Metal of the Future

Industrial demand for silver is growing. Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals, making it an important metal in the global transition to a low-carbon economy and electrification.

Approximately 15% of the global silver supply is currently being used for building photovoltaic panels for solar power generation, while another ~30% is being used in other electrical applications, such as the increase in electrical componentry for electric vehicles.*

Silver is also a key component in the buildout of 5G networks, the next major evolution in communication technology, as well as having medical and sanitary applications because of its anti-bacterial properties.

Silver Supply & Demand

Silver Supply

in silver supply in 2023*

Silver Demand

in silver demand in 2023*

For More Information About Silver

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Investing in Silver(opens in new window)

As a precious metal, silver is valued by investors as a safe-haven investment, providing portfolio diversification when the broader economic environment weakens.

Man on Computer and Phone Looking at Stocks Man on Computer and Phone Looking at Stocks

The Silver Market(opens in new window)

The Silver Institute publishes the World Silver Survey, providing annual supply and demand statistics on the silver market.

Solar Panels at Dusk Solar Panels at Dusk

Low Carbon Future(opens in new window)

A report from the World Bank indicates silver is expected to be one of the critical metals needed for the transition to a low-carbon future.

* Source: Silver Institute, January 18, 2024
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