Good governance requires strong leadership to ensure that the vision and values of the corporation are integrated into everyday business decisions and strategies.

Our Board of Directors oversees the direction and strategy of the business and the affairs of Pan American Silver, guided by legislative and other governance standards, stock exchange rules, and industry best practices. The Board has overall responsibility for corporate governance matters through:

  • Developing and approving corporate policies and guidelines
  • Assisting in the definition of corporate objectives and assessing key plans
  • Evaluating our performance on a regular basis
  • Ensuring that the Company has qualified executives and senior managers to lead day-to-day operations

Charters & Mandates

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) has developed a mandate that sets out written terms of reference for the Board’s authority, responsibility and function. Mandates have also been developed for the Chairman and Lead Director.

The Board has established five committees that each play a role in our business. The Board has developed charters for each of its committees, which establish their specific roles and responsibilities.

Our constating documents are also included in the files to the right.

Policies & Guidelines

Pan American Silver has adopted a number of policies and guidelines that articulate the way our directors, officers and employees are expected to conduct themselves and to guide Pan American Silver in its business. Each of these policies also assists us in complying with legal, regulatory and best practice requirements.

The Global Code of Ethical Conduct (the “Code”) provides the foundation of these policies and guidelines and is applicable to all employees, officers and directors of Pan American. The Code sets out the ethical rules and standards to which each individual must comply and be accountable.

Complaints Process

Pan American Silver is committed to operating at the highest ethical standards both internally and in the way we do business with others. As part of our corporate governance practices, we have implemented a process that encourages open communication and allows directors, officers, and employees throughout the organization to report any unethical or illegal activity on a confidential and anonymous basis without fear of reprisals, discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

Persons who are not employees of Pan American Silver can also submit complaints of an ethical, accounting or audit nature to the Company confidentially and, at the election of the reporting person, on an anonymous basis, by delivering a written report to the General Counsel, by mail or courier as follows:

Private and Confidential
Pan American Silver Corp.
2100-733 Seymour Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6B 0S6

Attn: General Counsel
To Be Opened by the Designated Recipient Only

Concerns relating to accounting, internal controls, financial reporting and audit matters will be communicated by the General Counsel to the Chair of the Audit Committee.

For any other questions or comments, please contact us.

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