Pan American Silver Corp. recognizes the importance of providing a website that is accessible and easy to use. Pan American is committed to making our online services inclusive because accessibility has a positive effect on general usability and we believe that websites that are accessible and usable are more beneficial to everyone.

We will continue to periodically review, test and modify our website for usability and accessibility issues.

In building our website, we have kept accessibility in mind, including the use of features to improve accessibility such as:

  • web pages are designed to be viewed on a range of screen resolutions and in a variety of web browsers
  • the web pages, including user friendly menus, have been designed to make it clear in structure and easy to navigate, both through the use of mouse input devices as well as keyboard-only navigation
  • the web pages have been structured with a clear hierarchical, heading structure, and applicable HTML5 landmarks
  • images considered to be informative have been given descriptive ALT tags
  • a sitemap is available to provide information about the layout of the website

In addition to the steps we have taken to make our website more accessible to everyone, many people are likely to get the most accessible experience of using this site by customising their computer to suit their individual needs. For example: to get the site read to them, to change its colour scheme, to increase or decrease brightness, or increase the size of text on the site. You may also need specific programs installed on your computer in order to view documents.

If you find a part of our site that is difficult to use, please contact us at so that we can continue to improve our overall accessibility.