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Community Investment and Sustainable Development

Community Investment and Sustainable Development Why are community investments and sustainable development important? Mining companies can have significant economic impacts in their host countries. Mining companies are under increased pressure to provide value to a broader range of communities of interest (COIs), in particular to the communities located near their operations. The support of these […]

About Pan American Silver

About Pan American Silver Pan American Silver engages in mining precious metals and related activities, including exploration, mine development, extraction, processing, refining, and reclamation. The Company owns and operates silver and gold mines located in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Guatemala and Canada. In addition, the Company is exploring new mineral deposits and opportunities throughout North […]

About this Report

About this Report On Pan American Silver’s 25th year of operation, we are proud to release our 10th annual sustainability report. These reports communicate our vision of sustainability, share how we address sustainable development in the context of our business, disclose how we manage environmental, workplace and social issues, and demonstrate progress toward our sustainability […]

Sustainability and Our Business

Sustainability and Our Business Q&A with Steve Busby, COO Q:  How do Pan American Silver’s operations approach sustainability? A:  Our operational approach to sustainability focuses on minimizing environmental impacts, protecting ecosystems and ensuring safe and healthy workplaces. We foster conditions that will provide opportunities for local communities to thrive after a mine closes, such as […]

Our Company at a Glance

Our Company at a Glance Diversified Portfolio Across the Americas (1) Reflects production results subsequent to the February 22, 2019, closing date of the acquisition of Tahoe Resources Inc., as described in the “Acquisition of Tahoe” section of Pan American Silver’s management’s discussion and analysis (MD&A) for the period ended December 31, 2019.  (2) Morococha […]

President’s Message

President’s Message Michael Steinmann // President & CEO 2019 marked Pan American Silver’s 25th year of operation. This was a transformative year for the Company with the acquisition of Tahoe Resources, and I am proud of our accomplishments. I am equally proud of our continued commitment to building and maintaining a reputation for excellence in […]

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message Ross Beaty // Chairman Twenty-five years ago, I founded Pan American Silver with a simple mission: to become the world’s best silver mining investment. I wanted to build a world-class mining company, providing solid returns to shareholders while creating value for all of our stakeholders. Our long history of building and operating mines […]

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement Engagement is a core practice at Pan American Silver as our business success is dependent on establishing positive relationships and trust with stakeholders and our communities of interest (COIs), which include, local communities, Indigenous peoples, governments, non-governmental organizations, employees and contractors, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and mining community members that interact with our operations. […]


Materiality Our COI survey forms the basis of our materiality assessment. It helps us define and analyze the impacts of our business on COIs. By listening, we learn about the issues COIs see as important, which enables us to adjust the way we work to more effectively manage these issues. It also allows us to […]

Sustainability Governance and Management

Sustainability Governance and Management Board of Directors Good governance is critical for effective corporate performance and plays a major role in protecting stakeholder interests and maximizing stakeholder value. Our Board of Directors (the Board) oversees the direction and strategy of the business, guided by Pan American Silver’s values, legislative and other governance standards, stock exchange […]

United Nations SDG’s

United Nations SDG’s We believe our industry has great potential to drive future progress on the SDGs, as mines are often situated in remote and under-developed regions where achievement of the SDGs can have large and lasting impacts. Pan American Silver is committed to the principles of sustainable development and the values essential to advancing […]

Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Why are business ethics and anti- corruption important? The mining industry operates in a complex and demanding legal and regulatory environment under cyclical market conditions. Mining operations can be located in politically unstable countries. This instability can create economic and regulatory uncertainty, which may provide opportunities for corruption. Globally, the industry […]

Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities

Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities Q&A with Brent Bergeron, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Q: Since joining Pan American Silver in 2019, what do you see as the Company’s key sustainability challenges and opportunities?  A: Pan American Silver faces many of the same key challenges as those faced by other international mining companies. We […]

Managing Social Impacts

Managing Social Impacts Early and ongoing community engagement and meaningful dialogue form the foundation of our approach to better understanding the actual, potential, and perceived impacts of our activities on and building trust with host communities. We have adopted formal policies, procedures, and industry best practices to manage our impacts and contribute to the social […]

Economic Benefits

Economic Benefits Q&A with Rob Doyle, CFO Q: What’s the relationship between finance and sustainability?  A: Finance is an integral part of sustainability. Being a financially healthy and stable company allows us to contribute both directly and indirectly towards meeting our sustainability goals in the regions where we operate. For example, we pay taxes, royalties, […]