About this Report

Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement is a core practice at Pan American Silver as our business success is dependent on establishing positive relationships and trust with stakeholders and our communities of interest (COIs), which include, local communities, Indigenous peoples, governments, non-governmental organizations, employees and contractors, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and mining community members that interact with our operations. We welcome and promote open, meaningful engagement and dialogue with all stakeholders and COIs. 

We engage COIs before starting new projects and continue this engagement throughout the mine’s life cycle. We continue to expand and improve our COI engagement processes by applying a structured and strategic approach as new projects advance. This helps us identify and manage potential impacts and sustain constructive long-term relationships with the COIs. Our processes include:

  • Community of interest mapping to identify a broad range of COIs.
  • Development of tools and resources that support more effective engagement processes, measure their effectiveness, and help us understand and manage COI expectations.
  • Establishing and continuing meaningful dialogue with COIs to determine which issues or topics are the most important to them and addressing issues of concerns.

Annual stakeholder survey

We augment the feedback we receive from our ongoing engagement processes by annually surveying COIs identified in our mapping process. This survey forms the basis of our materiality assessment. In 2019, a total of 1,146 individuals or respondent groups, representing six key stakeholder groups, responded to our survey, compared to 645 in 2018.

In 2019, we provided select COIs with an initial list of 41 sustainability topics related to Pan American Silver’s business, and we asked them to rank the 10 topics most important to them.  Similar to 2018, stakeholders ranked topics related to working conditions, socio-economic impact, and opportunities for communities, employees and contractors as top issues. New priority issues include our response (grievance) mechanism, emergency preparedness, and behaviour of security personnel. No environmental issues ranked as a top 10 topic in 2019.

Top Sustainability Topics of Interest

Breakdown of Survey Respondents