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Women in Non-Traditional Roles

Women in Non-Traditional Roles Jessica Huamantalla Orosco Senior Geologist, Morococha “I became the first female geologist in Argentum at the age of 24. My career at the company has been in two phases: first I started as a Junior Geologist. I then took two years off to advance my studies, and became a senior geologist […]

Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Why is business ethics and anti-corruption important? The mining industry operates in a complex and demanding legal and regulatory environment under cyclical market conditions. Globally, our industry is experiencing an increase in public and government interest in transparency and a corresponding increase in regulatory requirements. As a Canadian company listed on […]

Biodiversity and Mine Closure

Biodiversity and Mine Closure Why are biodiversity and mine closure important? Mining activities require the development of infrastructure, which alters the natural features of the local landscape. Open pit mines, processing mills, mine waste rock facilities, and roads can damage habitat, impact individual species, and affect overall ecosystem health. Mines have finite lifespans and mining […]

Our Company at a Glance

Our Company at a Glance Pan American Silver is determined to conduct its business in a responsible and sustainable manner. We do this by adhering to our core values of caring for the environment in which we operate, contributing to the long-term development of our host communities, ensuring safe and secure workplaces for our employees, […]

President’s Message

President’s Message Michael Steinmann  //  President & CEO In 2019, Pan American Silver celebrates its silver anniversary – 25 years of growth and creating value for our shareholders, employees, host countries, and communities. We are committed to building a world-class mining company through increased productivity, cost-efficiency, and long-term sustainability. It is most fitting that on […]

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message Ross Beaty  //  Chairman Twenty-five years ago, I founded Pan American Silver with a simple mission: to become the world’s best silver mining investment. I wanted to build a world-class mining company, providing solid returns to shareholders while creating value for all of our stakeholders. Our long history of building and operating mines […]

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement Engagement is a core practice at Pan American Silver as our business is, in many ways, dependent on establishing positive relationships and trust with COIs, such as governments, local communities, employees and contractors that interact with our operations. We engage COIs before starting new projects and continue to engage throughout the mine life […]


Materiality Our materiality assessment helps us define and analyze the impacts of our business on COIs and enables us to more effectively manage issues as well as identify goals and priorities for our sustainability planning and implementation strategy.  Our approach to managing material topics is through the sustainability management implementation system, which connects to our […]

United Nations SDG’s

United Nations SDG’s Launched in 2015, the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) collectively create an agenda to transform the world by overcoming barriers to economic, social and environmental progress by 2030. The 17 SDGs are ambitious and follow a model based on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. We believe our industry has […]

Air Emissions and Energy

Air Emissions and Energy Why are air emissions and energy important? Mining is an energy-intensive industry. Mines consume energy through extraction, production, and transportation of products. Energy use, particularly through fuel combustion and electricity consumption, causes greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which contribute to climate change. Dust generated by activities, such as blasting and ore crushing, […]

Employee Attraction, Development, and Retention

Employee Attraction, Development, and Retention Why is employee attraction, retention, and development important? A stable and skilled workforce is key to any organization’s success. In geographically diverse organizations, multi-faceted and multi-cultural work forces can bring a wide array of experience, knowledge, background, culture and heritage which can lead to innovation, enhanced operations, and improved relationships […]

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Why is health and safety important?  Mining, by its nature, has potential hazards that must be carefully managed. On a daily basis, mine workers may be engaged in drilling and blasting rock, operating heavy machinery, using explosives and chemicals, working with high voltage electricity, gases, working at heights, working with high temperature […]

Managing Social Impacts

Managing Social Impacts We have adopted formal policies, procedures and industry best practices to address the impacts of our activities and contribute to the social and economic development of communities.  As each country and community in which we operate has a distinct culture and social context, our management framework provides a consistent methodology to measure […]

Managing Environmental Impacts

Managing Environmental Impacts Pan American Silver takes every practical measure to minimize and mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations in each phase of the mining cycle – from exploration through development, construction, operation, closure, and post-closure. Pan American Silver takes every practical measure to minimize and mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations in […]

Economic Benefits

Economic Benefits Rob Doyle   //   CFO How do you view the place of mining in the world economy? I see mining as critical to everyday functions. Our modern lifestyles are dependent on metals – from our cell phones, to our vehicles, to our buildings. Mining also has a role to play in the […]

Human Rights

Human Rights Why are human rights important? All organizations are expected to respect and uphold human rights. Mining companies, due to the location of their operations, may come into contact with vulnerable populations. Consequently, human rights have become increasingly important in the mining sector, and industry groups, such as the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), […]


Water Why is water important? Clean water is of high environmental and social value to COIs. Access to water is recognized by the United Nations as a human right. Water is also a necessary input for mining processes and water extraction, or dewatering, is often required to allow safe mining of deeper ore bodies. As […]

Tailings and Waste Management

Tailings and Waste Management Why are tailings and waste management important? Mining operations generate waste that can be in the form of waste rock, processed ore, tailings or sludges. Management of tailings facilities is a global priority for the mining industry, governments, and communities. If not managed properly, this waste can negatively impact the environment […]

Community Investment and Sustainable Development

Community Investment and Sustainable Development Why is community investment and sustainable development important? We invest a significant portion of our economic value back into our host countries and local communities in line with our sustainability pillars. Creating opportunities for meaningful dialogue and applying our social management framework tools helps us to better understand community needs […]

Bolivia Greenhouse Program

Bolivia Greenhouse Program Pan American Silver developed its CDI Tool with the overall objective of improving the long-term success of our socio-economic development programs. The tool is designed to help our community teams identify programs appropriate for the local social context, engage communities in the program, and develop indicators to evaluate the program’s progress and […]