Women in Non-Traditional Roles

Women in Non-Traditional Roles

Jessica Huamantalla Orosco

Senior Geologist, Morococha

“I became the first female geologist in Argentum at the age of 24. My career at the company has been in two phases: first I started as a Junior Geologist. I then took two years off to advance my studies, and became a senior geologist in 2013. I want to continue my career advancement in the Company. I know the work is challenging and I have a lot to learn, but I am determined to do it.”

Ana Velia Gonzalez Sanchez

Mine Supervisor, La Colorada

“My experience in mining has been unparalleled. I have always felt a lot of support from the Company, from my superiors and from my colleagues. They all show respect towards me and have contributed a lot to my professional and personal development. My father was a miner and since I was six years old. I always envisioned working in a mine, which is why I decided to study mining. I am proud to be a positive example for my daughters and show that them women can get ahead in whatever we set out to do.”

Lidia Sosa Laureano

Laboratory Technician, Huaron

“I really enjoy my work and it gives me purpose. I started as an assistant in the laboratory and now I am a lab technician. I believe the characteristics of fairness and honesty are important for contributing to the Company, especially when it relates to transparency in ore grades. I love my company and I know how important our work is to guaranteeing the grades that we produce.”

Ana Pomacino Angel

Mining Software Analyst, Huaron

“I joined the Company thanks to an invitation for training and career development that I received from Pan American Silver. I did not hesitate and started as a mining software analyst for the geology team at Huaron. My next challenge is to carry out the estimation of resources and reserves using the geostatistical method. I want to continue to grow professionally, and I know at Pan American Silver I can do so.”

Stefany Zevallos Maldonado

Junior Environmental Engineer, Morococha

“I joined the Company as an environmental trainee in January 2016 and now I am a Junior Environmental Engineer. I want to continue growing professionally, and my future plans are to learn new languages as well as further specialize in my area of work.”