At a Glance

Our Company at a Glance

Pan American Silver is determined to conduct its business in a responsible and sustainable manner. We do this by adhering to our core values of caring for the environment in which we operate, contributing to the long-term development of our host communities, ensuring safe and secure workplaces for our employees, partnering with our employees, local communities and government, and operating transparently. 

Our Supply Chain

Mining in remote locations across Latin America requires a reliable supply chain and transport logistics for both supply materials and our products. Our service providers are primarily locally-based companies or local subsidiaries of international service or consulting groups. Our mines process ore to produce doré bars (an alloy composed primarily of silver and gold) or mineral rich concentrates (a mixture of base metals containing silver). Our doré is sold to refiners who further refine it to produce silver and gold bullion. We sell our concentrates to traders or smelters, where it is further processed and refined into marketable products. Once refined, the principal buyers of silver and gold bullion are international bullion banks and bullion traders.

2018 Silver Production by Country